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Lockdown Lounge 2021: County Coach Spotlight - James Tuck

Your name and role within the Gloucestershire Golf Union

James Tuck, Under 16 Performance Squad

Tell us what your role is about and what it involves

Helping the U16 squad members to understand how they can improve their mindset, course management, fitness, nutrition, how to practice and what to practice.

How did you get in to golf and how long have you been involved in the game?

I got into the golf just playing with friends from my football team at about the age of 16. I had regular lessons and hit balls every day. Within a year I was off 7 and within 2 years off 5. I was very sporty as a youngster and played cricket at county level, semi-professional football and represented my school in every first team from hockey to athletics. This helped me so much when I started playing golf.

Please provide the name of a book, a film or a video that you would recommend for inspiration for personal or professional development

For parents I would recommend 'A Growth Mindset' by Professor Carol Dweck. For adults and juniors, I would recommend 'The Brain Booster' podcasts by Karl Morris.

What is your favourite course, and why?

The best course I have played for an experience point of view would probably be Pebble Beach, although when I stood on the first at St. Andrews the hairs on my arms and neck stood up. They still do every time I go there. Hard to pick a specific course I have been lucky to play a lot of them.

Who's the best player you've ever played with, and what was it about their game that impressed you the most?

I got to play 18 holes with Robert Rock in an event and he was just so so steady. He wasn't spectacular but made hardly any mistakes.

What's the best shot you've ever seen in golf (either in person or on TV), and why?

Wow I have a few, I suppose my first hole in one at Royal Cromer GC in a pro-am. I was the assistant there at the time and the 9th hole is a drop hole par 3 called 'Wembley'. All my playing partners had missed the green and I was unsure what club to hit because the wind was swirling around. I chose a 7 iron and in the air we all just wanted it to hit the green. It landed safely about 8ft past the hole and we all breathed a sigh of relieve. The backspin kicked in and it spun back into the hole.

Do you support any professional sports teams and, if so, which ones?

Norwich City FC as it’s my home city.

Essex County Cricket Club as I played their until I was 16.

Orlando Magic basketball team because I went to college there in America.

If there was one sporting event that you could attend, which one would it be and why?

The Masters, because it’s The Masters.

In your experience, what are the main qualities you see in players who continue to make progress in the game?

They have a very strong work ethic. They have an open mind and listen to what is being said, but also understand what is best for them and are willing to experiment to get better.

The best golfers that come through are the ones who do all the little things behind the scenes, recording stats, working out and they play the most competitive golf.

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